building web products that solve problems

a web application is more than a software running on a server

it solves real life problems: be more productive, help customers, empower users, grow your business

we focus on: solid business strategy, easy-to-use design, get stuff done software and reliable hosting


how can your web app help you start or grow a business?

how can we achieve your business needs?


what features create the most impact?

what tools and technology are suited best for your product?


what does your user want to achieve?

how can we design a productive workflow?


what kind of support, backups and uptime do you need?

how can we scale your product when it gets traction?

web applications built by teamaton

discoverize logo

discoverize is a web application for individual and customizable portals.

compare it to yellow pages, but for a very specific niche - such as campsites, marinas, or italian restaurants.

powered by a flexible search engine using criteria, the map, and a powerful text search, the users can find just the perfect product. logo is a web application for about 25.000 campsites in Europe.

as a camper you can find exactly the right campsite matching your criteria. you can rate campsites and upload your holiday images. recorded over 6.5 million unique visitors in 2014 generating over 36M pageviews and is constantly growing.

lemon time tracker logo

lemon time tracker

lemon timetracker is an online time tracker that is currently in closed beta

our goal is to make time tracking as simple as possible and focus on the best user experience, so that you can actually enjoy an otherwise not so popular part of digital work.

we are planning to publicly launch around christmas 2015

we also have built a team review tool however we do not currently put any energy into bringing it to market

about us


the team

teamaton is a small company specialized in creating and running profitable and user-friendly web applications.

we are currently based out of Emmingen-Liptingen - Mannheim - Leipzig - Falkensee

we are three software developers - anton, oliver, kai and one ux designer - andrej

our tech stack

our technology stack is based primarily around microsoft products: we use mvc for most of our projects and they run on microsoft servers

we also use angular, jquery, regular javascript, html5, css, scss

working remotely, we use slack, pivotal tracker, skype, workflowy and google docs for project and product management and communications